Changing Area Codes and Anonymity...

Changing area codes and anonymity...

I had a dream before I awakened this morning. A woman was trying to connect closer with God in prayer. I heard the Lord say to her, "Dial locally, drop the area code." She was perplexed by the statement. He reminded her of the scripture in Rev. 11:12 And they heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them, "Come up here." Then they went up into heaven in the cloud, and their enemies watched them.
Still not knowing what to do, "The Lord said, "Close your eyes and take one step towards Me by faith..." She did, and in that moment she was before Him.

He said, "Talk with Me, unburden yourself, so I may unburden Myself..."

Puzzled, she asked, Unburden Yourself?

He replied,"I know you better than anyone, and you treat Me as a stranger, but yet I put you on an airplane next to a complete stranger, and in three hours you've exposed the most intimate information, and you're anonymously unburdened! Do you really think the 30 extra minutes on the tarmac was the airlines fault? I delayed everyone so you could open up..."

Still befuddled, again she asked, "Unburden Yourself?"

He smiled, "It is a burden for Me not to tell you up close, 'I love you. I've got this. I've got the answer, but can you tell Me about your day first... I loved how you didn't eat the last donut at the office, because you listened to Me, and saved it for the co-worker running late. I love you, I Am here. Come up here.' And by the way it's not your burden... it's Mine."

She smiled for the first time, her fear gone of standing before her Beloved.

And besides He said with a smile, "I won't post, 'That I had to sit next to a nut job on the tarmac for 30 minutes and in the air for 2-1/2 hours listening to their confession...' By the way, as you forgive him, pray also for him. You just beat him to the punch, I'll give him a minister to sit next to on his return trip. I love you deeply my daughter!"

Dream ended.

Take that step closer to Him by faith, step in. Be loved, beloved. Go up there, and talk with Him, face to face. A way was made, the veil was torn because of the Cross.

You're loved, prayed for, and paid for and have extravagant favor!!!