You Are Cordially Invited

You Are Cordially Invited...

When God tells, commands, or encourages us... Do Not Fear, it is not a blanket statement made to keep us warm, snuggley, and comfy. It is a royal invitation to see things from His perspective. We actually have the ability to be in warfare, and get this invitation from the King, Do Not Fear Come Up Here With Me, that allows us to continue fighting and see His outcome of our battle simultaneously in His rest. All the while the enemy, is blustering and blowing..."Fear me, I'm big and bad, I'm make all your fears come true!" The King pulls back a curtain and here is this imp, the King defeated ages ago, trying to get you to fear him.
"Don't pay attention to the imp behind the curtain, I am the great... and powerful... woz... oh never mind."
God's kind of courage is something we put on like a coat, and like the armor of God we never need take it off. Bill Johnson asks the question "Why put on the armor every morning, when we should never take it off?" Courage is something we rest in, not take off when the action is over. Love is what enables us to be courageous, and courage is what enables us to love. What happens often times is we put on courage without love and we become controlling, hyper vigilant, if you will, which brings another fear into our lives, people not doing what we do! Lots of ministries over the years have been birthed with courage but without love.

Love courageously it is a royal invitation.

You're loved, prayed for, and paid for, and have extravagant favor.