C'mon Wallflower, Dance With Jesus

C'mon wallflower dance with Jesus.  You ever felt out of place? I have and I think at one point or another we all have.  Why do we go to the dance of Jesus only to stand against the wall watching everyone else?  We want to be apart of what's going on, but way over there.  We want to see the action, NOT be a part of it.  We want to say we were there, but deep inside we want to do what Jesus did, and now does.  But we have spiritual acne, or our wardrobe is a sartorial accident, but worst of all we made a promise to the spirit of religion... we won't dance, for fear of intimacy.

We make more excuses; we don't have rhythm, we don't want not to be asked, we don't want to look foolish clinging to Jesus in intimacy in front of everyone.  We are ready just to go home disappointed, we didn't make ourselves available, but then resolute we'll not be made a fool of.  But then He looks us dead in the eye, and walks towards us.  Oh my God, NO!  He's walking this way, He has that missionary to Africa look about Him.  No, NO, NO!  Our heart beats so fast it pumps all the moisture from our mouth and  into our palms.  Our collective knees knock together.  Why did we come, "C'mon it'll be fun...," we thought.  He's the King of kings and right now we're the king of regrets.  

He says one word to us, the same one He said to Simon Peter in the boat, "Come." We place our sweaty palm in His outstretched hand... we really have to go to the bathroom NOW! Thirsty!  Punch, we need punch!   We told the spirit of religion we wouldn't scuff our new shoes... He pulls us to the middle of the room, embraces us, and His Peace descends.  All others disappear, we kick off our shoes, and we dance barefoot with the Lover of our soul.  It doesn't matter what the dance is, He leads perfectly, our missteps are covered by His love.  When the music fades we expect to hear laughter and mocking, only to find we have danced before an audience of ONE, Whom is very well pleased with our dance with His Son.  One thing would have turned perfection into absolute perfection.  When His gaze fell upon us, the best way to keep our collective knees from knocking together, take a step forward and meet Him in the middle.  To meet Him without a beckoning call, to desire to meet Him in the middle of everything, no matter how it looks. 

The dance is the dance of life fully submitted to Him, whether we make it the first song or the last, C'mon wallflower, dance with Jesus for an audience of One!

You're loved, prayed for and paid for.

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