Come Up Here My Beloved

Come up here My beloved... what does that mean, exactly?  When we read Hebrews Chapter 4 and we are to boldly approach the throne of grace to receive grace and mercy in a time of need what does that look like to you or me?  I can tell you what it looks like to me. How is that so?  We humans, made in His image, are incredibly imaginative and adept at painting mental pictures.  I have heard some call it a sanctified imagination.  We read in 2 Corinthians chapter 10, about casting down vain imaginations, or empty imaginations if you will, and taking every thought captive and bringing it to the obedience of Christ.  Oh my, what does that look like?!  Can I take a thought, capture it, hold onto it in my hand and submit it to the Lordship of Jesus?  Can I see my self actually presenting a thought to Jesus, for His approvl or disapproval, in my imagination.  Can I see Him either handing it back to me with a thumbs up, or saying, "Thank you, and you better let Me have that."  Can you see that?

What about the vain imaginations mentioned above, the empty ones.  Basically if the enemy of our soul can do damage it's usually here.  Ever hear this expression, "It's all in your head..."  Think about all the times we've worried about something, got really worked up over it, and in the end there was nothing to it. Empty notions, or accusations, no substance at all, but we wasted in worry about nothing.

Now can we imagine taking that worrisome thought captive, submitting it to Jesus fro the thumbs up or down, and either way we get to boldly approach the throne of grace, and crawl up in our Father's lap and checking in with Him we can find ourselves loved and listened and wiser to the enemies schemes and His outlook on our lives.  Imagine that!  A real Savior, taking a real thought of ours, making a decision in real time and sitting in the Fathers lap for reals!  

We spend our life asking God to come down here, to inhabit our praises, fix this or that, I hope He shows up.  But can we stop and listen for His voice as He says, Come up here My beloved.

Your loved, prayed for and paid for!

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