Keeping Up With The Pace of Heaven

We have heard this plenty of times... "it's not a sprint it's a marathon..."What is keeping up with the pace of Heaven?  I can tell you what it isn't, it isn't our pace, our stamina, or our wits.  It is though, as much humility as we can muster to stay submitted to His plan for our lives.  Often times requiring more stillness and knowing He is God, than some form of action on our part.  It is realizing we can get more done for Him and by Him by being at rest in Him.  Learning to do this, is a lot like learning to drive a stick shift.  A lot of stalls, sputters, and grindings to find the right gear.  Learning when to shift, down shift and hold the clutch in at the right time.  Before we it, our shifting becomes fluid, almost thoughtless, only looking for the road signs to obey HIm, oh and some directions.

Keeping up with the pace of Heaven is more like a cross country race or steeple chase than laps around the track.  A spirit of religion will keep us confined to running around a track.  Also it isn't the chase, it's the pace.  It is Who we keep our eyes on as we run and not just who's eyes are on us.  It is how we finish, eyes focused on the Prize, Jesus.  If we spend our time competing with others, we can find ourselves judging others, or coveting giftings, or even jealous of  His blessings towards others.  

This is why humility plays such an important role in our pace for the race of Heaven.  Humility is the fuel of the race. How much like Jesus does the Father want us to be?  It's about letting others set a pace for us in an iron sharpens iron way and resetting a pace for others with encouragement and prayer, even during our own windedness.  It's about offering His water with His electrolytes, helping a wounded runner to an aid station, picking up someone who's tripped, and hugging a fellow runner at the finish of the days race.

The humility fuel is also doing only what we see Him doing, saying what we only hear Him saying. This keeps us on that pace.  Jesus ran an incredible race before us AND for us.  Following in His footsteps, at His pace, with His grace keeps us at Heaven's pace.

You're loved, prayed for and paid for.

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